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What are we eating?

The Super Size Me app gives you the fastest and most convenient access to full nutrition facts for all major chain restaurants in the US and Canada, helping you decide what you want - and what you don't want - to eat.

Now all the details you need to be an informed consumer are right at your fingertips, constantly updated, and optimized for fast use as a mobile app.

Instant and GPS-aware access to nutrition facts.
Feed MC Supersized and watch him bellow!
Unlockable special features and excerpts from the film.

Director Morgan Spurlock continues his mission to raise awareness about what we eat with the Super Size Me app for iOS. Not limited to fast food, the app exposes nutrition facts from a large and growing community database of menus from America's best-known chain restaurants.


The app will automatically detect the nearest restaurants for quick access to their menu facts. Search menus and use quick indexes, to see facts, daily value percentages, and nutrition advisories about tens of thousands of menu items. Combine items to view totals for a meal or a day by feeding them to MC Supersized.


The friendly and loveable MC Supersized can quickly become irritable when hungry, or when harassed. Just don't feed him too much - or make him too angry!


Unlock special features, including excerpts from the film, as you explore menus, interact with MC Supersized, and meet challenges.


Show your friends and family what they've been eating by sharing nutrition facts over text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. And, of course, submit your requests for restaurants and items to add to our database.